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The History of Nikola Tesla - a Short Story

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Help save Nikola Tesla's lab & turn it into a museum! http://bit.ly/Nq...
Help save Nikola Tesla's lab & turn it into a museum! http://bit.ly/NqKRVk Friend me on Facebook! http://on.fb.me/gCSs8F Read more about Nikola Tesla http://amzn.to/teslabooks I made this for the 154th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's birth, which was July 10th.  Thanks to http://www.vvomedia.com for helping promote this video.

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10th 1856, in the territory of modern day Croatia to his two Serbian parents.

Tesla grew up into bright inquisitive, yet eccentric child, who found himself fascinated by the world around him.

Tesla once tried to fly by jumping off the roof of a barn while holding on to an umbrella. He devised a bug powered motor using Junebugs, but had to abort his experiment after a friend decided to eat some of the bugs (Tesla thought this was gross). He once attempted to generate electricity by rubbing two cats together, which resulted in two very mad cats and a scratched up Tesla.

On June 6th,  1884, Tesla  arrived in the United States. He was hired by Thomas Edison to do basic electrical engineering, but moved up to re-designing the direct current generators that ran Edison's business.  

Edison offered Tesla $50,000, or about $1.1 million in today's currency to make these improvements. After completing this assignment, Tesla asked about the payment for his work. Edison didn't pay out the money. He claimed that he wasn't serious about the payment, that Tesla didn't "understand American humor".

Tesla eventually left Edison's company and partnered with George Westinghouse in 1888 to commercialize his system of alternating current (AC). The problem here is that  alternating current competed with direct current, which Thomas Edison built his entire monopoly on. Thus begun the "War of the Currents".

Edison started a massive smear campaign against Tesla and alternating current, trying to scare people into avoiding it's use. He spread false information about deaths from alternating current, lobbied against it, and went so far as to electrocute a circus elephant in public.

Direct current had plenty of faults, it was the cause of death of countless children, and created  numerous house fires. Also, the maximum reach of direct current was about two miles, which meant a substation had to be built to continue the current. They would still be building substations today if they were going to get electricity across the US.

Tesla's alternating current could go for hundreds of miles. Lights running on alternating current were brighter, unlike the dull yellow lights running on direct current.

Eventually, Edison had to give into the demands of the people, and go with alternating current.

Tesla's  influence goes much further than electricity. He had over 700 patents, and came up with ideas such as

Spark Plugs
the Electric Arc Lamp
an Xray Device
Blade less turbines
Wireless communication
Electric motors
Laser technology
Neon Lights
Remote Controls
Cellular communication
The radio
An electrical bath to remove germs
Wireless communication
And much more

Tesla died  from heart failure in a room of the New Yorker Hotel, on January 7th 1943.  Despite his fame and influence on the world, he died with significant debts, and all alone.

While Edison is known as the inventor of the century, Tesla is only acknowledged as a paragraph in today's history books, forgotten, and unappreciated.

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